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Thank you for visiting the Housing Architect website. On this page, we explain how to proceed with “home building” with our design office. Please refer to the information below.

STEP01 お問い合わせ request


Please contact us by phone, email or official line. ⇒ Click here for request. The official LINE will be answered within 24 hours, and emails will be answered within 3 business days at the latest.

STEP02 ヒアリング  Hearing


Please meet us in person and tell us about the future ou aim for, what changes you expect from life, what kind of residence you would like. Please, feel free to share your ideas related to architecture, such as the conditions of the land plot, the ideal room you would like, the shape of the building, also about your family and how you spend your time at home, your hobbies, and your routine. Building sustainable residence is the realization of a rich life for the people who live there. We will not just talk about arrangement specifications and decorations. Let’s move forward, taking into account not only the external, but also the internal.



STEP03 提案、基本計画  Suggestion, basic plan

・現地確認 ・個別相談 ・家づくりの方向性 ・スケジュール ・資金計画などご相談します。

Based on the contents of the hearing, we will suggest a basic plan from various conditions such as site and cost. Based on the basic plan, we also use CG, etc., and try to make proposals that are easy to convert into an image. The basic plan is the most important part. Also, it is for free. Let’s continue our meetings until the first steps are finalized. Since there are variations in the basic plan, there is a difference in the required time, but it takes about 1 to 3 months. It is about 2 to 4 times as a meeting once every 2 to 3 weeks.
In the middle of the basic design, we will present a price. If you have financial difficulties, you may decline. ・On-site confirmation ・Individual consultation ・Direction of home building ・Schedule ・Funding plan, etc.

STEP04 設計の申し込み Design application

※設計の申し込みとして、10万円+税を頂戴しております。 設計契約が本契約となった場合は、設計監理費用の一部に10万円+税を充当いたします。

Please apply for the design when the basic plan, construction site, financial plan, and overall schedule are roughly visible. *We charge 100,000 yen + tax as a design application. If the design contract becomes the actual contract, 100,000 yen + tax will be appropriated as part of the design supervision cost.

STEP05 1回目 建物見積調整 1st building estimate adjustment


Coordinate building rough estimate from basic design. Adjust the building specifications, etc., and make a rough request estimate.

STEP06 設計契約 Design contract


Once the basic plan has been roughly decided and the approximate total cost has been igured out, if you think it would be a good idea to work with our housing architects to build a ousing, we will sign a design contract with a design office. ⇒ Click here for design and supervision costs The design and supervision costs are about 11% of the construction costs for the building itself. Please note that the content of the property is subject to change.The fee for the design contract is 300,000 yen + tax.

STEP07 実施設計 final design 

基本設計と建物概算費用をもとにして、実際の工事内容や設備仕様などを実施設計図として作図していきます。1/100スケールの図面から、より詳細で具体的な設計を行っていきます床材や外壁材、設備仕様などを決めていきます。 期間は建物やこだわり、自分らしさにもよりますが1~2カ月かかります。

Based on the basic plan and the estimated cost of the building, actual construction details and equipment specifications will be drawn as operational blueprints. Starting with 1/100 scale drawings, we will work on more detailed and specific designs. We will decide the floor materials, exterior wall materials, equipment specifications, etc. It takes 1-2 months depending on the building, your preferences, and your personality.

STEP08 2回目 建物見積もり・請負契約 2nd building estimation/contract


 Confirm the detailed design and building estimate, and conclude the contract. The estimated period is approximately 2 weeks. Since the amount may be over, specification changes and monetary adjustments will be made along the way.

STEP09 工事着手・地鎮祭 Construction start/ground-breaking ceremony

工事段取り、近隣挨拶などを行い工事を進めます。ご希望の方には地鎮祭を行います。工事の期間は、おおむね3~4カ月程度です。新築工事においては、2009年10月に施行された住宅瑕疵担保履行法に適合させています。 主な保証機構は、日本住宅保証検査機構JIOです。

We will proceed with construction by making construction arrangements and greeting neighbors. For those who wish, we will hold a ground-breaking ceremony. The construction period is approximately 3 to 4 months. For new construction, we comply with the Housing Defect Liability Act, which came into force in October 2009. The main guarantee organization is the Japan Housing Warranty Inspection Organization JIO.

STEP10 工事・工事監理~お引渡し Construction/construction supervision to delivery



We will continue meetings even after construction begins. As a design office, we reflect the contents of the meeting, provide technical advice, and conduct legal checks. In addition, because there are things that cannot be expressed in drawings, we make decisions while proceeding on-site. Please contact us if you need exterior, interior, furniture, etc. We will make a suggestion.

  • The period until delivery varies depending on the purpose, structure, and scale. Please feel free to contact us.